McCovery Tier

     The McCovery Tier was started as a collaborative effort between Sheriff C. T. Woody and the McShin Foundation.  Jerome Bell, an employee of the McShin Foundation, is the original "architect" of the McCovery Tier. 

     One of McShin's original visions is the recovery message being facilitated by recovering addicts in long-term recovery. The McCovery Tier is a 120 man, all volunteer tier at no cost to the taxpayers. Each day Mr. Bell and the McShin staff (all recovering addicts and alcoholics) lock themselves in as a “resident” and host an authentic recovery program.



Sarah Huggins, Sheriff C. T. Woody, Catlin McDonnell and Jerome Bell



McCovery Tier Creed

I am a man that accepts the challenge of change.
I am a man that accepts that recovery is my responsibility.
I am a man who must make a life-long commitment to change.
I am a man of purpose, courage, and valor and I will recover.
I am a man that will recover with the help of God and my McCovery Family.






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