McShin Staff




David Rook, Peer Leader / Intake Specialist

David has been an electrician for several years spending the majority of that time in Virginia and Florida battling a substance use disorder. He has been married to Michelle Rook for several years and has two sons. He tried several times over the years to find recovery, going to treatment centers, sober living houses, etc. His clean date is March 6th, 2012 and he has been working as Senior Peer Leader and Intake Specialist since August 2012.



Michelle Rook, Peer Leader / Compliance Manager

Michelle came into the McShin Foundation as a client in January 2012. She had previously been through 7 treatment centers but continued to struggle through her addiction, always resulting in jails, institutions, and almost death, until she entered the McShin Foundation. Michelle is married to David Rook and they have two wonderful, handsome sons. Her clean date is January 4 , 2012. She is now our compliance manager.

Kelli Tuck

Kelli’s clean date is August 25, 2011. She struggled with substance use disorder for several years before discovering recovery. She is now an alumni of The McShin Foundation, and has volunteered here for the last few years. She now works here as a Certified Peer Recovery coach, showing people through her own experiences how recovery from Substance Use has changed her life.