McShin Staff




David Rook, Peer Leader / Intake Specialist

David, a father of two, has been an electrician for several years spending the majority of that time in Virginia and Florida battling a substance use disorder. He tried several times over the years to find recovery, going to treatment centers, sober living houses, etc. His clean date is March 6th, 2012 and he has been working as Senior Peer Leader and Intake Specialist since August 2012. In 2012 he was elected Chairman of the board for the Virginia Association of Recovery Residences, (VARR). In 2013 he was selected as McShin Employee of the year, and was awarded Richmond City Jail Beloved Volunteer Award for his time spent delivering recovery support services to the incarcerated.  He was invited to the White House by the ONDCP, and has co-hosted several fundraisers for future politicians who support recovery.

Kristin Roope, Peer Leader, Female Programs

Since entering recovery on June 21, 2012, Kristin has taken on multiple roles in the recovery community. Mentor, problem solver, chauffeur, disciplinarian, manager and friend, Kristin is now a Certified Peer Recovery Coach with the McShin Foundation in charge of the women’s residential program. She and her 10 year old daughter also enjoy working with animals, and are very involved with local equine rescue. Kristin has been sharing her experience, strength, and hope with the women of McShin since June, 2014.


Matthew Cunningham, Peer Leader, Weekend Staff


Tim Coffey, Peer Leader

Tim enjoys helping the people who struggle with the same thing that he has gone through. He believes recovery is a great thing and his career plans involve being in the recovery field.  Mcshin saved his life and he is very grateful to have a chance to give back and work for them as a peer leader.