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The McShin Model

About The McShin Model

The McShin Foundation is a Recovering Community Organization (RCO). We offer a social model recovery program that implements peer-to-peer delivered Recovery Support Services (PRSS).

Here at McShin we have an authentic peer oriented social model program. The first thirty days is our most critical period of our recovery. It is at this time we make our greatest inroads in building our recovery foundation. We implement rapid entry into involvment with available pathways to long term succesful recovery. We actually begin to instill a genuine desire in the individual to chase their recovery; We do this by the example in which we do recover. By this time, the individual should be well on their way in recovery. Through authentic peer oriented guidance, the individual has a good understanding of what it takes to recover on a daily basis. The longer the indivual stays in an authentic peer oriented system of care, the greater are their chances at full recovery from their substance use disorder.

Facilities available to all individuals and family members of those enrolled at McShin:

  1. 4200+square foot Recovering Community Center (RCC)in the basement of our faith based partners; Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church
  2. Large group room that seats 120+ individuals
  3. Small group room that seats 20+ individuals
  4. Charity clothes closet for those who need
  5. Full pantry
  6. Two computers with high speed internet and Microsoft Office
  7. Over 1000 pieces of recovery literature, videos, tapes, DVDs and CDs
  8. Mini kitchen with drink machine, refrigerator, sink, and microwave
  9. A coffee pot that's always full, fresh, and hot!

The McShin Foundation currently serves, but is not limited to, three peer populations:

  1. Re-Entry individuals from jails, prisons, or institutions
  2. Recovery resistant individuals with a history of relapse
  3. Individuals seeking aftercare from treatment centers

Program Fee

  • First 28 days: $3500.00
    • Weekly rate of $125.00 thereafter
    • One year stay: $8500.00
    • Please contact us about our custom/personalized Recovery programs
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