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The McShin Foundation offers the following services. Feel free to contact the foundation for more information.

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Also have a look at our statistics page to learn more about addictions.

Inpatient Opiate Detox
We work with a local facility that has a 3-7 day opiate detox. This service is $3500.00 and if you would like to stay in one of our beds for 28 days that cost will be only $4500.00.

Inpatient Treatment Services
Here at The McShin Foundation (NCADD Richmond) we contract out our inpatient treatment services. We are very well respected throughout the addiction treatment community. We network with facilities locally, regionally, and nationally. Our friendship has developed with these organizations through years and years of commitment on both parts. We are committed in finding the best facility to fit the individual needs. Please ask us about our Recovery Action Plan.

Recovery Action Plan
We are the leaders in recovery support services, specializing in custom recovery action plans. These models include peer to peer delivered services, coaching, mentoring, and lead-by-example recovery concepts. The "McShin Model" implements a holistic, herd approach. We believe that one addict helping another is the most valuable tool ever used to win against the disease of addiction. We specialize in on-going support of the addict and their family. Our knowledge of the recovery process allows us to implement your recovery action plan. The McShin Foundation is "THE" place to transition from a treatment center, back into society. We are a great referral for many local, state, and nationally respected treatment facilities. There is a 70% to 80% chance of relapse upon leaving an in-patient treatment facility. With the proper recovery support, knowledge, and experience you can diminish this statistic. Our services include but not limited to:

  • 24 Hour Respite Program
  • Day Retreat Program
  • 30 Day Retreat Program
  • On Site Drug Testing
  • Social Model Interventions
  • Transitional Housing

Emergency On-Site Of In-Office Interventions
At McShin we also provide interventions that best fit your situation. Through appointments we can perform "in-house" or "in-office" social model interventions. Interventions could be the jarring experience that leads to a successful recovery. Please call for an appointment.

Fee For Services
Most services are free except our bed fee is $3500.00 for the first 28 days and $125.00 every week thereafter. A portion of all fees are tax deductible. Please contact us to find out more information.


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