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Are You An Addict/Alcoholic?-Interventions

If you are questioning that you are an addict or alcoholic-----REMEMBER-ALCOHOL IS A DRUG-----then please take this quick survey and you can begin to find out for yourself. In taking the time to do this survey you in fact are intervening with your disease of addiction.

McShin offers brief interventions----please contact us at (804) 249-1845 to schedule one or if you choose to-----visit with us and we will help you.

If you answered YES to 1 - 3 of the questions then . . . . . .You probably abuse alcohol/drugs at least occassionally

If you answered YES to 4 - 7 of the questions then . . . . .  .You definitely have no less than a high abuse problem with alcohol/drugs

If you answered YES to more than 7 questions then. . . . . . .You most likely are in one of the stages of addiction to drugs/alcohol and it is recommended that you seek counseling to determine your degree of addiction and what would be recommended to do about it.

Please contact us we can help.

Please Join ARCVA today!

Addiction Recovery Council of Virginia

As an ARCVA member, you are revolutionizing the culture of recovery from substance use disorders in the state of Virginia using a model that any state is welcome to emulate. As an ARCVA member, you are helping reduce the stigma associated with recovery and helping save thousands of lives each month.

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