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About Us

The McShin Foundation has been remarkably effective with the method of Peer to Peer Recovery Support Services (PPRSS) which employs recovering addicts and alcoholics to educate, mentor, and spread the message of recovery to individuals new in sobriety.

Since its inception, the McShin Foundation has evolved in many directions. Amongst our 4,200 square foot recovery center and several recovery houses, we provide:

  • discussion groups,
  • 12-step meetings,
  • access to computers and phones;
  • and assistance in recovery support services available in the Richmond area.

We are consistently branching out to local businesses and institutions that are willing to provide services such as: women's therapy (individual and group), employment opportunities, religious studies, and many resources that will assist recovering addicts integrate successfully into society.

The McShin Foundation believes strongly in the area of prevention and reaches out to the youth and educational populations in order to broaden communication everywhere about the prevention and treatment of SUDs.

The McShin Foundation is growing and continues to pioneer the idea of authentic peer coaching, training, and recovery for substance use disorders.

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