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Board Members

Our Board Members come from these organizations.


John M. Shinholser, President/Founder; Board Member, Staff

John M. Shinholser, President/Founder; Board Member


John Shinholser serves as President of The McShin Foundation, which was founded in 2004 and named for its two recovering co-founders, John Shinholser and Carol McDaid. Shinholser and McDaid have dedicated their lives to helping individuals and families in or seeking recovery from the disease of addiction. The McShin Foundation operates on the founders' belief that by helping others find and sustain recovery, they can better sustain their own recovery. Shinholser and McDaid decided to establish a non-profit recovery community resource foundation based on this belief and on the work Shinholser had been engaged in with individuals in the recovering community in the Richmond area for over 25 years.

John is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He owned and managed a successful contracting business for over 30 years, during which time he served as President of the Richmond Chapter of the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association and twice recognized as national award winning Original Design Faux Finisher commemorating the quality of his work. John Shinholser served as President of the SAARA of Central Virginia Affiliate and is a former board member of SAARA of Virginia. Shinholser also currently serves on the board of Rubicon, Inc., Virginia's most comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility (230 beds). In 2005, Shinholser received the prestigious America Honors Recovery Award from the Johnson Institute -- one of six recognized (nationally) who have been affected or afflicted by alcohol and other drug addictions, and have given back to their communities so that future generations may know the possibility and power of recovery. In 2005, he also received, along with his wife Carol McDaid, the Caron Foundation's Outstanding Alumni Award. In 2006, Shinholser received the coveted OSAS Award of Virginia for Significant Contributions to the Field of Substance Use Disorder Recovery. This award is typically given to professionals in the field. Mr. Shinholser was the first recovering community member to receive this award. John Shinholser has been featured in Addiction Professional Magazine, Newsweek, The Richmond Times Dispatch (Flair, Metro, and Business sections), The Mechanicsville Local, Richmond Free Press, and Virginia Association of Community Service Boards 2005 Annual Report. John also has been in many news broadcasts and national documentaries. John is an appointed citizen member of the 2008 Virginia General Assembly joint Senate /House sub-committee on substance-abuse (SJ77).

John currently resides in Hanover with his wife Carol and his daughter Mary Page. He has over 28 years of successful long term recovery.


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